Director Projects
The examples below have been tested on PCs running MS IE 6.0 with hardware 3D acceleration


Digital Tchotchkes

Simple games such as puzzles make good tchotchkes
Email corporate logo or product puzzle links to customers


Extreme Explorers Solar System

Educational fly-by of our solar system. Interactive and non-
interactive implementations


Extreme Explorers (earth)

Non-interactive demo of Extreme Explorers traveling across Antarctica. Demo of one mission for an NSF proposal


Settlers of Catan

We're big fans of The Settlers of Catan and implemented this demo of an online 3D implementation of it. For the real game, buy it at Mayfair Games.


Golf Ball

A lingo generated golf ball, no 3D models used.



Demonstration of the robot construction phase for the
NEO-BOTS robot battle game



Simple 3D Shockwave animated logo


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